Friday, March 17, 2017

"Big Girl Room"

Our oldest daughter is not a baby anymore so we moved her into another room, gave her a twin size bed and some furniture that my in-laws saved from when my husband was a young boy.
So her room is put together with a lot of different pieces and it is very cozy. 

 When she was about 3years old she painted this big painting that has her family and a dog that she really doesn't have yet ;)

 Some of her favorite toys and rock collection. 

 Her jewelry and hair ribbons. 

I love her drawings and message of " I LIKE ANYONE" :)
The horse is the only drawing she didn't make.

 She added some color to this free poster. 

Her puppets.

A little  handmade present for her.

I hope you all enjoy this pictures from my little girl's room.