Thursday, May 4, 2017

Update in Baby's Room

My second baby girl is the one that uses this room, but since I added a rug, a shelf, and a bookshelf I wanted to make a new post.

I took a lot of pictures! I just love the colors and simplicity of the room. It mades for a relaxing and playful room.

Changing Table

For sometime I moved the butterfly to another hook in the ceiling and hung the birds mobile above her crib and added an extra garland.  Another change are the little ponies on her shelf.

I just love the whimsical factor with the mobile and garlands,  and you can tell I have a hard time being minimalist ;)

These are my girl's best friends. Especially her monkey, he goes almost everywhere she goes. 

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of the small changes in our baby's nursery. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

"Big Girl Room"

Our oldest daughter is not a baby anymore so we moved her into another room, gave her a twin size bed and some furniture that my in-laws saved from when my husband was a young boy.
So her room is put together with a lot of different pieces and it is very cozy. 

 When she was about 3years old she painted this big painting that has her family and a dog that she really doesn't have yet ;)

 Some of her favorite toys and rock collection. 

 Her jewelry and hair ribbons. 

I love her drawings and message of " I LIKE ANYONE" :)
The horse is the only drawing she didn't make.

 She added some color to this free poster. 

Her puppets.

A little  handmade present for her.

I hope you all enjoy this pictures from my little girl's room.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Our Family Room

We spent most of the time in this room. This is where we play, watch movies, draw or color a book and even make a few crafts. We have toys in here and my girl's little kitchen. They often serves us tea with all kinds of plastic fruits and vegetables. And bean soup, being a popular dish now.  
And at the end of the day this is the place where we read a book to our oldest daughter. 

My husband helped me with the installation of shelves, desk, bookshelf and TV cabinet.  It took a few days of planning and measuring but it was well worth it.

I can see that we have too many things on the shelves and is a bit crowded but it has been very helpful to keep all of our board games, craft supplies, paint, books, etc.  all in one place.

 My oldest daughter's desk and an small table for our little one.

Stamps, paper cut outs and Play-doh

 This is one of many great drawings that our daughter makes.  I love how happy this heart face is.

We keep her beads inside this box and she makes bracelets like this one for everybody. This desk lamp with touch on/off has been very useful.

Drawings by my daughter hanging with clothespins. 

So there it is, hope you like this. We sure enjoy it every day.